DISCLAIMER: As I have signed an NDA with Planet Computers, this post is of my own views, and NOT those of Planet Computers. They should not be contacted for comment.

I am restricted in the information I can release, so please, no emails or DMs asking for information.


After careful consideration, I have chosen to discontinue this blog series. I believe it would not have been able to fully cover the topic of Astro as intended. Originally conceived to provide an overview of my engagement with Planet, the series aimed to serve as a historical reference for interested readers.

Regrettably, I encountered challenges in composing this blog post while adhering to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) I am bound by.

I trust that some individuals may have found the series engaging.

Whilst the original post you saw on this website has gone, you are welcome to go through the Git history. Just, be aware I do not wish to engage in discussion about the series any longer.